Paintballing in Sussex

Paintball In Sussex | Paintballing in Sussex:

Welcome to Bullswood the Skirmish - the most AWESOME Paintball Park in Sussex!

Playing Paintball in Sussex? Our aim is to provide the most exciting, fun and safe Paintballing park in Sussex possible - to do this we combine the latest equipment, incredible Game Zones, fun and professional staff as well as a commitment to running smaller games - we offer any group of 16 or more private sessions. Dan and Clare, the owners / managers, are on-site every game day to ensure every game is the best it can be - awesome!

Sussex | Adult Paintballing:

Stag-do`s, birthdays, companies - we cater for every paintball player in Sussex. Check out our rogues gallery for details of just how crazy stags can get - and this is before they hit Brighton! All of our Paintballing Sussex sessions start off with you all getting dressed up, settled into a seating area (lockers and changing rooms on-site) before a short safety and rules speech. Teams are then sorted - usually your choice - then its out onto the Paintball gun range for a spot of tuition before arming yourselves to the teeth!

You play 6 games on 3 arenas in the morning, grab lunch then 6 more games in the afternoon. We go for 2 games at a time on one game zone so you work on tactics (check out my "top tips" in the game zones section for a sneaky head start), play a game, clean up, swoop ends for a second game then head back to the safe zone to re-ammo, grab a tea or coffee and prepare for next battle. Half day Paintballers get to play at least 6 games - often 8!

Sussex | Kids Paintball:

We have Kids Paintballing sessions for ages 10-15 (16 and over are considered adults)in Sussex. There are 2 different types of kids paintballing sessions - Private and Open. The Open kids sessions are run on set dates, usually one per weekend with more in the school holidays (check out the Paintball Blog for an up-to-date list) and are for any group size.
We keep your youngsters together in the same team and join them in with other kids - because of this its strictly little dudes only - mums and dads can watch but cannot join in! If you can muster 16 or more players you can have a Private Paintball Game - your own seating area, dedicated team of staff and no-one else joining you - as its just you guys playing, adults are allowed to join in - though they are often larger targets!

For more details on our Kids Paintballing in Sussex just follow the link - and don`t forget to play our cool on-line Paintball Game to win free ammo!

During the course of the days paintballing we take photo`s of you day and they are free to download from our gallery. We also round off every day with a fun awards presentation - not just for the best but often the most amusing!

Outdoor Lasertag in Sussex:

As well as our Paintballing in Sussex, we also feature epic Outdoor Lasertag for ages 7 and upwards - using laser guns instead of Paintballs and shooting harmless infra red beams - though no less fun playing on our exclusive Starr Warrs map complete with two legged AT-ST Walker as well as the Pirates Not Of The Karribean map. We program the Laser Guns so its more like computer gaming - multiple hits per life and re-spawning, as well as familiar objectives like flag capture and king of the hill - trust me, kids know this stuff!

Bullswood - always bringing you the latest in game fields:

New Game Zone at paintballing in Sussex

Not Call Of Duty Map:

Just check out our new map, Not Call Of Duty, based on the map Strike, its another exclusive game zone here at Bullswood Paintball Sussex. Complete with huge statue of Sadam Hussain, buildings, Mosque - and, essential to any great computer game, a Static Machine gun for you to capture and balst away with...

New Game Zone at paintballing in Sussex

Awesome Wild West Town:

As well as our other epic paintball game maps in Sussex such as Mexican Fortress, D-Day Landings and Zombie Crypt, we also feature Cowboys and Indians shooting it out on our Wild West Town map - Banks, Stores, Jail, Teepees, Gold Mines - even a Saloon bar with an upstairs so you shoot from the roof tops in true Lone Ranger style, its just plain awesome!

Sussex | A few essential details...

Still reading? Wow, your doing well - read a little more!

Sussex | Ticket sellers:

They hassle you in shopping mals, train stations and on the streets and usually have a strong Australian/South African accent - these are gap yearers earning a bit of cash (usually the money you pay for the "tickets") while they travel - you then pay a lot more when you try and book in, then more when on-site. These people are not professional and you cannot believe all that is said. Because of our high standards we do bot accept any tickets from street sellers - buyer beware!

Sussex | Not all Paintball Parks are the same:

Over many years (we have been running Paintball games here at Bullswood Skirmish since 1987) we honed, refined and improved our Paintball Park to where we are now (still working on it - check out our new "Call Of Duty" game zone being built now!). Not all Paintball parks are like us though - so if you are playing Paintball with guns that don`t work, Paintballs that bounce and really hurt and pile of old broken pallets you are NOT at Bullswood!

Sussex | Location:

We are Located towards the northern end of Sussex near East Grinstead with easy access from the Eastbourne / Uckfield area via the A22 and the Brighton / Burgess Hill area via the M23. If you check on the Location page you will find more details.

Take the time to check out what you get for your money - not just the price and we think you will be very pleased.

Dan & Clare - Owners and Mangers - Bullswood Skirmish.


Check out our awesome youtube video...

We use all our own pics and videos, so all the gear you see here and the maps you see being played are the ones you and your buddies will paintballing with here at Bullswood - no generic cherry picked images taken from various venues accross Europe here!!!

03/02.20 - Yep, thats been a wet start to 2020 but as things dry out on the paintball and lasertag site we are beavering away to make it all nice and shniey again - more details to follow...
21/12/19 - Happy Christmas to all, man has it been raining!!! Better weather due for the new year though...
11/11/19 - Ah, Novemeber is Stalingrad month here for us at Bullswoood Skirmish - our yearly big scenario game see`s Russiand and Germans battle it out in our re-creation of the famous WW2 winter battle - though with paintball guns...
13/10/19 - Still behind on the neww, our epic Stalingrad Scenario is only a few weeks away, date is Sunday 17th November - massive game of paintballers with their own guns, Russians verses Germans battling it out accroos the whole site!
09/07/19 - well behind on the news section, loads going on - working like mad on the new new Lasertag map, taking loads more time and effort than expected, worth it though...
28/03/19 - Spring is finally here! Winter always feels like it drags a bit at this time of year, but the woodland is loving the longer days and spring sunshine, perfect for lasertag and paintballing!
12/02/19 - Just had a chance update the latest kids paintballing dates before the halfterm!
22/-1/19 - Yep, winter is well and truly with us, no snow yet but the big fire pit is well in use, keeping both Lasertag and Paintball clients toasty warm between games!
06/11/18 - Wow, we raised just under £300 at this years Stalingrad Paintball Event with our poppy box collection - awesome!
16/11/18 - Our yearly Stalingrad Scenario Paintball battle has now been held, 120 Germans and Russians reenacting battles from WW2 with tanks, bazookas and tons of Paintballing!
29/10/18 - Now that was a change in the weather, from balmy late summer sun to winter, not much of Autumn... but the good news is the big fire is alight, so it kind of adds to the base camp atmosphere at the paintball and lasertag main base!
18/10/18 - Working hard as ever, re-build of Pirates not of the Karribean has been finished for the paintball and lasertag, yearly health and saftey visit underway as well.
30/08/18 - Ah, not as much news in August as I`d like - mainly because we took some time out to enjoy the weather and take a holiday, back now and the work begins again in ernest...
31/07/18 - Finally found some time to put a team of workers onto the ever popular "A Bridge not Too Far" paintball gamezone, its looking nice and fresh and ready to play again, awesome!
20/07/18 - Flat out busy this week with paintballing and lasertag as its Schools end of year reward days - soon have some time to get building new maps...
03/07/18 - Boy is it hot out there on the Paintballing maps - time to set up some extra juice stations to keep everyone cool, what a difference to 3 months ago...
27/06/18 - after the hot weekend we have delayed the building of the Juarasik Parc map as we need to repaint and tidy the super popular ATST walker on the Starr Warrs map - always so much to do...
21/06/18 - almost finished the overhaul of the popular Paintball and lasertag map "Pirates Not of the Karribean" - full repaint, sorting and repairs all done - looks ready to sail...
11/06/18 - Yep, we can confirm Boba Fett has taking up camp at the Imperial base on the Starr Warrs lasertag map - very cool...
02/06/18 - Before the new Lasertag map id built, looks like Boba Fet is making an appearance in one of the existing Starr warrs maps!
22/05/18 - Whats that rumble in the jungle I hear... sounds like a dinosaur... must be the new "Jurassik Parc" themed lasertag map we have just started planning...
15/05/18 - Our latest list of kipdsopen paintbbaling dates has now been listed in our kids section.
07/05/18 - The season is now in full flow, paintballing and lasertag parties are coming thick and fast and the weather has finally picked up - just check out the latest pics on facebook - just search for Bullswood Skirmish on facebook to see the latest pics.
14/04/18 - Folowing a full on winter storm the X-Wing Starfighter on one of our Starr Warrs Lasertag fields had definatly crashed - now rebuilt and ready to go!
27/03/18 - At last the Beast from the East is gone and theBluebells are coming through nicely in the Lasertag and Paintballing zones - always great to see!