Zombie Crypt:

Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Cussex -

Based on a classic horror movie, this zone sees one team as zombies defending the church and cemetary whilst a team of exorcists attempt to charge them down with the "Good Book"held high! - Game Zone only available at Skirmish Paintball Sussex!

Zombie map at Paintballing in sussex

If you check out the map, its clear defending the cemetary as a Zombie is pretty straightford - just keep your eyes open, don`t hide at the back and let them throw themselves at your guns! As an Exorcist, things are much tougher. As a captain, you want to ensure no-one hangs around at the back as this is about attacking. Send a small group down the ditch to the right - you could get lucky and get behind the Zombies!

Dans Top Tips:

Attacking on Zombie Crypt is definatly much harder - your chances of success are limited! I always recommend a flexible approach - spread your Exorcists out accross the game zone but do not commit which area you intend to focus on until you probe the Zombies lines and discover their weaknesses - then we group accordingly. Obviously this approach usually requires a team captain to co-ordinate tactics during the game - good luck!

Cemetay at Paintballing in sussex Crypt at Paintballing in sussex

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