Price for Skirmish Paintballing in Sussex

Here at Skirmish Paintball UK we are 100% honest and we have no hidden fees and taxes, what you see is what you get - no hidden fees or suspect upgrades! *

Our paintballing packages include the following:

1. Camouflage gear - we have all the sizes you could think of, from tiny to huge!

2. All the necessary guns, equipment as well as the compressed air which you will need to power the guns.

3. Body armour for all sizes and shapes.

4. Great coffee, various types of tea and squash all day long.

5. Full-day packages include lunch and kids packages include tasty hot-dogs.

6. For those cold days, we have very relaxing roaring fires!

7. For half-day sessions we have a minimum of 6 games and for full days, minimum 12 excellent games.

8. Staff that really do care!

9. For those of you that stand out from the crowd, we offer awards and a photo shoot of your day!

We invite you to pick from one of the following options:

Adult (16+) Full Day Paintballing Prices

Adult (16+) Half Day Paintballing Prices

Kids (10-15) Paintballing Prices

* Due to the reason that Clare and Dan are on the site for all game days, we simply cannot afford to get away with anything but the truth!

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