Pirates Not Of The Karribean:

Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex -

PIRATES NOT OF THE KARRIBEAN - Your chance to be Captain Jack aboard the pearl necklace as you board the Naval ship and plunder her for gold - two sixty foot galleons side by side make this a truly epic one-off game zone! Game Zone only here at Paintball Sussex.

Pirates at Paintball sussex

As you can see from the pictures, this is a small game zone where the action comes thick and fast. Both teams of Navy and Pirates start off in their galleys - when the game starts, get some players to crawl down the hull of ships using the cannon ports to snipe at the the other team - if you can, get a player upstairs as the extra angle really helps - only try and board the other boat when you are confident you have taken out most of the team or else yourun to your doom!

Dans Top Tips:

KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN! If you survive long enough you need to get some crawlers working their way down the hull of boat so they can either snipe from the cannon ports or, even better, get to the end of the boat, guess where the oposing ships galley is then pop up, blast them and get back down again before they realise your there!

Pirates at Paintball sussex Pirates at Paintball sussex

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