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Here at Bullswood we host the most awesome Kids Paintballing events for kids aged 10-15 (16 and over are considered adult). It was Clares idea to create Kids Paintball back in `92 - so we`ve had a lot of time to perfect the craft!

kids paintball in sussex

We have two types of Kids Paintballing sessions available - Open and Private:

Sussex | Open Kids Paintballing events:

Latest Kids Open dates:

December/January/Febuary - Please call to check on our winter paintballing dates

We typically hold one day per weekend - more in the holidays - as open kids days where you bring along any number of little dudes as long as you are booked in. We keep your kids together on the same team and join them in with other youngsters. These days are very popular and we usually split the games into two or three different groups - the smallest guys together with the bigger guys separate. Because these are open Kids Paintball Sessions I`m afraid its Kids only - Adults can watch but they cannot join in.

For an up-to-date list of dates for our Kids Paintballing days click here. These sessions start at 12.00 (arrival around 11.50) and wraps up at 3.30. Feel free to bring along any refreshment, food or cake - especially cake as I like it a lot!

Sussex | Private Kids Paintballing Parties:

If you can muster a large group of 16 or more troops you can have a private paintballing party - your own seating area, dedicated team of staff and just you guys split into 2 teams - always popular! You still get the same great game zones and at least 6 awesome games but as well as you are private Mums and Dads are welcome to join in - though they are a larger target!

Please give Clare a call on 01342 870870 to discuss a date that suits you or email here at

***Extra Paintballs are £7 per hundred - we do not feel extra ammo is needed on the 300 ball inclusive package***

kids paintball price at paintball sussex

Includes: 300 Paintballs, Entry, Hotdogs, Refreshments and all equipment - This is the reccommended amount of paintballs per player - we hand the paintballs out during the course of the session do the kids do not run out - no hassle for parents!


Before any youngster asks, we cannot sell grenades to under 18`s - that includes foolish dads who want to pass them on!

Only paintballs purchased on site can be used - you are welcolme to bring along snacks, food or cakes - I offer a cake tasting service if required!

Heres our Spring dates for Kids Paintball with us at Bullswood in Sussex:

Feb 2020 - Sunday 16th
March 2020 - Sunday 15th, Saturday 28th
April 2020 - Sunday 19th

Kids Paintball Dates

***If you are looking for our Outdoor Laser Tag page for kids age 7+ then CLICK HERE

Not all Paintball Parks are the same:

We appreciate there is a lot of competition out there, but we prefer to let our high standards speak for themselves. We believe that with a high proportion of staff to kids - typically 1-8 (UKPSF standards are 1-15 including safe zone staff - that sucks!), great protective equipment (full head goggles and bodyarmour) and the latest guns, your youngsters will be able to really make the most of our truly entertaining game zones and have the best Paintballing day ever!
Our Kids Paintballing sessions are half day events, typically 12.00-3.30 and we always play at least 6 awesome games of Paintball. Half days are preferable for little dudes as you need much less ammo - hence the overal cost is less - don`t be tempted to think that you can do a whole days paintballing with 100 paintballs - you`ll head home after the first two games:( When everyone arrives we kit the kids out in Camo, bodyarmour, padded hoods and full-head goggles. After an introduction to the park and staff, we go through the rules of the game and safety. My staff then adjust eveyones googles and equipment individually before heading out for a gun demo then onto our first two games. After the first two games we head back to the safe zone to re-ammo, grab refreshments (tea/coffee and squash are free) and hotdogs before heading out for more games. We always finnish up with a humorous awards presentation - though we all want "Player of the day" of course!

Don`t worry if the weathers bad - the canopy of the woodland offers loads of cover as does the safe zone and we always build a big fire if its nippy.

kids paintball in sussex kids paintball in sussex

Sussex | Kids Paintball Equipment:

Here at Bullswood we pride ourselves on having the best gear available - we are the only Paintball venue in the UK to have a 2 year rolling equipment program - once its two years old its replaced - no battered old guns here! Safety is always paramount so we only use full-head goggles, padded hoods and bodyarmour (gloves, alas, are not supplied so please bring them along or we have some that can be purchased).

Click on a pic to see it all its glory....


You may find these usefull - .pdf downloadable files for kids party invites and entry forms:

Kids Invitation: Just print these handy Kids Paintballing invitations!

kids Paintballing PDF

Kids Entry Form: Please print these off or call us for copies then get the parents to fill them out and bring along on the day.

kids Paintballing PDF

Sussex | Kids Paintball Testimonials:

We believe we offer the safest, most exciting kids paintballing day available - don`t just take our word for it....

Michael Barbour, Father and Organiser:

I just wanted to say thanks to you, Dan and the team of Marshals for another great day on Good Friday. The weather obviously helped, but everything always runs smoothly and it’s a nice, relaxed and fun atmosphere at your site. Everyone had a great time! Special mention to the chief marshal (Vic?) who was particularly jolly and humorous and made it all the more fun!

Emily Deacon, Mother and Organiser at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"I just wanted to say thank you - my son George had his party with you today and they all, including my husband, came back raving about what a fantastic time they`d had, how organised it was and how much better than anywhere else they`d been. Thank you for making George`s birthday so good!! His older brother was there today and loved it so much that i`ll be in touch soon to book his party as well."

Bip Peters, Mother and Organiser at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"I was amazed how much my daughter loved paintballing,we`ve just been for our third visit and already we`re looking to book again."

Rachel Burlinson, Mother and Organiser at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"Its so well organised, the staff are great. My kids get loads of attention and now I just leave them to it."

Lucy Farndon, Mother and Organiser at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"I`ve taken Gus to other Paintball sites before I was reccommended to Skirmish - the difference is amazing and I`d never go back!"

Gus Farndon,Child of Lucy, player at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"Its just so cool - they`ve got all the best stuff..."

Caroline Yeandle, Mother and Organiser at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"We`ve just organised a private Paintball party between three of us mums -everyone loved it and Clare and Dan at Skirmish Paintball Bullswood made it so easy for us to arrange. The attention to detail on the day was excellent."

Fynn Hooks, Kid and Player at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"Me and my brother love playing at Bullswood, my brothers younger than me and he likes all the protective gear, I like the guns...."

Rory Hooks, Brother of Flynn and Player at Skirmish Kids Paintball Sussex:

"I`ve had two Paintball parties at Skirmish Bullswood, now all my friends want to play!"

Bullswood - the Finest Kids Paintball in Sussex!

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