Hostage Rescue

Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex

A Diamond smuggler has parachuted out of his light aircraft and luckily landed in a UN base inside Sierra Leone - now the Un forces must defend his wounded body from greedy Diamond Smugglers and SIerra Leone troops - both of whoom want the diamonds filling his pockets!

Hostage Rescue map at Paintball sussex Hostage Rescue at Paintball sussex

Here we have a team defending the downed airman being attacked from three fronts - its very tough for the defending UN team if the attackers co-ordinate their efforts from all sides.

Dans Top Tips:

These tips are more for the defending rebels - its a big field and you may well find some plucky SAS troops working they way round behind you - there are some key oil drums around there which you MUST keep some Rebels on or you will be shot in the back!

Hostage Rescue hostage at Paintball sussex hostage at paintballing in sussex

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