Mexican Fortress:

Game zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex -

Mexican bandits are hiding out in with their stash of peasants gold inside their HUGE Mexican fortress - can the brave Mexican army storm the fort and nick the gold for their own ill-gotten gains? Game Zone only available at Skirmish Paintball Sussex!!

Mexican Fortress map at Paintball sussex

As you can see from the map, the Mexican Fortress stands about 50 feet tall in the centre of a large wooded enclosure. Depending on the scenario being played (this will be explained you by your games manager on the day) you will need to select a fool-hardy bunch who want to charge in and a two groups to work their way around the outside - you never know what you`ll bump into so keep your wits about you!

Dans Top Tips:

OK, I always struggle with Mexican Fortress as I prefer a fast assault which always leaves me shot to bits - one day I`ll learn! For advice I would head for thick cover around the Fort and pick off the any players located on the outer walls - they are more vulnerable when you take them square on. When you do make a move to get inside the fort, keep a sharp eye on armbands - theres nothing worse than charging in and blasting your own team mate - definatly hero to zero!

Mexican Fortress at Paintball sussex Winter Mexican Fortress at Paintball sussex

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