D-day Landings:

Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex -

June, 1944, Normandy - the Allied invasion of Europe. You and your fellow GI`s must storm the enemy beaches using tank traps and ammo boxes as cover before planting the allied flag to take the beachhead - an experience only at Skirmish Paintball Sussex!

d-day Landings Map at Paintball Sussex

As you can see from the map the American GI`s face a formidable German Defensive position - best bet is get straight out of the landing craft into close cover then start working your way up from there - if your planning a charge from the start be warned - it hardly ever works and hurts like mad! If you are on the German team, keep your guns up and watch out for any early charges.

Dans Top Tips:

OK, first thing - put all notions of an all-out charge to one side - when faced with the mass firepower of a fresh team you will get blown to bits and die horribly! Much better is figure out the direction you want to take the American flag - there are three finnishing posts to choose from, all as good as the other. Move the whole team swiftly out of the landing craft and then progressivly move up the field taking key barricades - the key to winning is either timing or a well organised distraction on the other side of the field - good luck - you`ll need it!

d-day Landings charge at Paintball Sussex d-day Landings German lines at Paintball Sussex

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