Paintball Crowborough | Paintballing in Crowborough:

Ah Crowborough. Its so easy to get to us from Crowborough - about 10 minutes depending on traffic as we`re just the other side of Forest Row! We feel we have the finest Paintballing venue in the South East with our awesome gamezones, fun staff and outstanding equipment so just check out what we can do for you:

Crowborough Paintballing at Crowborough Paintball

Crowborough | Kids Paintball:

Here at Bullswood Skirmish we host awesome kids paintballing for ages 10-15 (16+ are considered adult). All our kids games are half days (helps keep the cost down as you need much less ammo) and we host two types of kids paintball sessions - private and open:

Crowborough | Open Kids Paintballing:

For smaller groups we dedicate one day per session for the little guys. You can bring as few or as many as you like (as long as they are booked in) and we join them in with other kids but keep them together on the same team. For further details on our kids paintballing sessions just click here.

paintballing kids at Crawley Paintball

Crowborough | Adults:

we cater for Stag parties, birthdays and Corporate groups - just about everyone. We appreciate that when you organise a large a group you may want to play a private game - so for any groups of 16 or more you can have a private game with your own seating area and dedicated team of staff.
Because of our high standards we do not use any of those Ticket Sellers that hassle you in the streets or shopping mals - those guys are usually South Afican/Australian gap yearers trying to flog tickets - buyer beware!

Here at Bullswood we are an Owner/Managed paintballing venue - this means we take pride in all that we do and are confident we have the most awesome paintball venue in the Crawley area. Both Clare are on-site for all game days to ensure are high standards are always - we also guarantee that EVERY picture, video and description is from our Bullswood Paintball Park - just check out the Gallery!.

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Crowborough | Directions:

Just head out of Crowborough onto the A22 towards Forest Row and East Grinstead. Just after Forest Row take the turning right going up the hill into Ashurst Wood. At the top of the hill take the sharp turning right by the war memorial, then after 100 meters take the left (Maypole Road). Follow this road our of Ashurst Wood until you come to the A264 where you go right. After about half a mile you take a turning on the left, Shepards Grove Lane - carefull, its tough to spot a nd quite twisty. We are about one mile down there on the Left . Journey time from Crowborough 10 - 15 minutes - easy!

Shooting Paintball Crowborough, Paintballing shooting in Crowborough

If you are still reading all the way down here I`m impressed - most people have checked out the Game Zones or the Prices by now - though don`t forget to check out the which has pictures of everyweeks players that are free to download - awesome!

Crowborough Paintball | Crowborough Paintballing

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