Wild West Town:

Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex -

Recreate those childhood memories of Cowboys & Indians except this time with Jailhouse, Saloon Bar, Banks, Teepees and more!

Wild West Town at Paintballing in Sussex

Yeehaa - so, your a bunch of dusty, trail-ridden cowboys looking for some moonshine! Both Cowboys and Indians start at either side of street for the start, so split your cowpokes up into 3 teams - the gun-totting ones can hang out by thetown for an old fashioned street-to-street shootout, the less aggressive can head back to defend the Goldmine and the sneaky ones head off on a mission to out flank the Indians through the thick woods at the top of the field -easy!

Dans Top Tips:

Ah, the Wild West Town - a personal favourate - your team captain should split you up into three teams - one for a street-to-street shootout, one to cover either the gold or moonshine and one to work around the top edge of the field - ALWAYS keep a close eye on the Saloon Bar!

Wild West Town at Paintballing in Sussex Wild West Town at Paintballing in Sussex

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