Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex:

Take part in the allied push towards Germany - Operation Market Garden. Jump off the army trucks, battle through the block houses before flying the British flag over the bridge!

bridge map at paintball Sussex, paintballing in Sussex

As you can see from the map, the German and British bases are the same distance from the bridge - at the start you need to split your troops so head straight to the bridge and attempt to secure it, some Flank around the top of the field and some try and work their way around the bottom edge - there are some cheeky shots to had from the bottom edge by shooting up into the enemies defensive positions in the town!

Dans Top Tips:

When playing "A Bidge Not Too Far" it is essential that you make use of the whole width of the game zone - its a big zone so I would suggest three teams - one main assault team for the bridge and one for either flank - no need to worry about any defensive positions as the flanks can just pull back if they are in trouble. No need for crazy charges - just move up swiftly and get the job done.

paintball bridge tank at paintball Sussex The Bridge at Sussex Paintball

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