Band Of Brothers:

Game Zone at Skirmish Paintball Sussex -

Having survived (hopefully) the D-Day landings the next GI`s mission is to storm five German gun emplacements. The Germans do not take this lightly and immediately launch a counter attack!

Band Of Brothers map at Paintball Sussex

Both German and American teams start from either side of game zone, when the game starts, both teams fight it out for possesion of the 5 gun emplacements. Tactics vary - some favour the all out charge which is very risky as there is not much cover with the gun emplacements, some like to take their time and flank. Personally, a combination of both is usually the best - get some of the gun emplacements then offer heavy support from the flanks.

Dans Top Tips:

More important when playing Band Of Brothers is what not to do - don`t just hide at the back and hope you can pick them off - what usually happens is you get cross-shot and picked off, forcing you and your team mates to retreat until you are cornered. Always best to come out fighting, get some troops into the Artilery pieces early on then try and take a flank - victory will be yours!

Band Of Brothers artilery at Paintball Sussex Band Of Brothers at Paintball Sussex

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