Latest Kids Paintballing dates for Sussex:

March:Sun 9th, Sat 15th, Sun 23rd, Sat 29th
April:Sun 6th, Sat 12th, Wed 16th, Sun 20th, Wed 23rd, Sun 27th
May:Sat 3rd, Sun 11th, Sun 18th, Sat 24th
June:Sun 1st, Sat 7th, Sun 15th, Sun 22nd, Sun 29th

These date are for kids aged 10 - 15 and groups of any size (we keep your kids together on the same team and join them in with other paintballing kids - no adults allowed). If you are planning a party with over 16 paintballing you can have a private party with your own team of staff, dedicated seating area and no one else joining you - adults can join in on these private paintball parties in Sussex.

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